Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Susan Atkins

Also known as "Sadie Mae Glutz", Susan was a loyal follower of Charles Manson. She is serving life in prison for her participation in the Tate/LaBianca murders (even though she never participated in the LaBianca murders she was still tried for the crime). Susan was the fourth girl to join Charlie's family. She often made Charlie angry for being stubborn and bringing unknown men around. She is often described as being Promiscuous.
Susan grew up in California in a middle class family. She says both of her parents were alchoholics and her mother died of cancer in 1963. Things started getting hard living with her father and brothers thereafter and she quit school and left home at the age of 18 and went to San Francisco. She then supported herself as a topless dancer and eventually met The Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and she was hired by him for a stage production as a vampire.
Susan met Charlie in 1967 at a house where she lived with friends as he was playing music she said he reminded her of an angel. Charlie invited her to join his group on the school bus they had painted black for a summer road trip and she accepted with joy. Susan claimed to believe she thought Charlie was Jesus. They later settled at the Spahn Ranch.
In October 1968 she gave birth to a boy and named him Zezozecee Zadfrack. Motherhood did not interfere with her doing drugs and having orgies with the other family members.
In 1969 after the raid at Barker Ranch in Death Valley Susan was arrested. It was in jail that she bragged to cell mates about the family's involvement in the Tate/LaBianca murders. The information was turned over to the police and Susan was then charged with murder.
While testifying before a Grand Jury she revealed how she held down Sharon Tate as she pleaded for her and her baby's life. She recounted how she told Sharon "Look, bitch, I don't care a thing about you. You are going to die and there is nothing you can do about it." Susan said that after they killed Sharon she went back in the house and wrote "Pig" on the wall with Sharon's blood and tasted the blood and said "it was better than an orgasm".
For the first several years behind bars she stayed loyal to Charles Manson but was given the cold shoulder by other family members for being a snitch. She later turned her life around and gave her life to Christ. She is now a born again Christian. In 1977 her and author Bob Slosser wrote her autobiography titled "Child of Satan, Child of God".
Susan Atkins is currently terminally ill in hospital with cancer.


  1. may you eternally never rest in peace....

  2. I know you are in peace,Susan. You atoned for your mistakes far more than the majority of people... we will miss you.

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  4. Susan's father disliked Susan from the earliest years of her life. Susan's dad disliked his daughter even more than Lynn Fromme's father rejected Lynn. Lynn Fromme's boyfriend was the producer for The Byrds at the time The Byrds were recording the fantastic hippie anthems "Mr Tambourine Man" and "Turn, Turn, Turn". Those Byrd's songs were anthems for that generation. I believe the reason why Susan's father rejected her was because she had that disorder that 1% of women have and that is Susan had a slight mustache which is sad. I believe he could not love Susan for that reason. Even Patricia had a similar disorder, however, Pat's case was much worse. She had 'hairsuitism' all over her body but no mustache. These two women no doubt were mocked for it during the most vulnerable time of their lives. Furthermore, you should see a photo of Patricia's older sister - she could have been a model - complete opposite of Patricia.

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