Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cathy Gillies

Also known as "Cappy" Cathy was born in the 1950's in Southern California. She was reportedly a Buffalo Springfield Groupie before joining the Family sometime in 1968.

Charlie had his mind set on making a home out in the dessert for his family. Cathy informed him that her grandmother, Arlene Barker, owned a ranch in Death Valley. Cathy later got permission from her grandmother for her and a few girlfriends of hers to stay at the Ranch. Little did her grandmother know how large the group staying there would be. It is said that Cathy and other family members had a plan to kill Arlene Barker so Cathy would inherit the Ranch and the Family could permanently live there. As they were on route to kill Ms. Barker they got a flat tire and had to abort the plan.
Cathy was arrested in both the Spahn Ranch and Barker Ranch raids.
Cathy was reported as present when "Zero" supposedly killed himself during a game of russian roulet.
During the Tate/LaBianca trials Cathy was a regular on the corner supporting Charlie and the others. During sentencing she testified that the murders were copycat killings committed in an attempt to get Bobby Beausoleil out of jail. She went on to say that Charlie had nothing to do with the murders and that she wanted to go with the killers on both nights but she was told she wasn't needed.
After the trials Cathy drifted apart from the Family and became a member of a motorcycle gang. She later married and got divorced and currently lives in Death Valley with her four children.


  1. This is wrong. Cathy was Meyers, not Barker. The 'kill granny' story baloney (flats quickly fixed and granny still there tomorrow). And she doesn't live in DV (although some of her family do).


  3. No ne really lives IN DV aside from the Timbsha Shoshone tribe. DV is a national park. People live OUTSIDE of DV, but not IN. Even the Myers cabin up Goler isn't owned by DVNP, so hence not IN DV. She lived in Trona, about 25-30 miles outside of DVNP.

    1. Type in "Cathy Gillies" on Youtube and you can see a recent video of her and her friend visiting her grandmother's property. In the video she sais to her friend that there is nothing to talk about. He's trying to start a conversation with her about the old days. She's in very good shape to this day as you can see in that Youtube video.

    2. Thanx. I recall Paul Watkins lived outside DV in Tecopah with his first and second wife. After he left his band with Brooks Poston Paul got a job as a miner. Perhaps that contributed to his Leukemia. You should read his daughters recollections of him. She writes about her mother's suicide after Paul died.

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