Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kathryn Lutesinger

Also know as "Kitty" Kathryn was brough into the Manson Family by her boyfriend Bobby Beausoleil and at this time she was pregnant with Bobby's child. Charlie took a disliking to Kathryn and once elbowed her in the face for falling asleep during one of his many nightly ramblings. Kathryn finally got tired of Charlie's threats and abuse and fled from the family. Kathryn returned to live with her parents. While she was gone Bobby got arrested for the Gary Hinman murder. Kathryn constantly called Spahn Ranch looking for Bobby but nobody would tell her what happened to him. Kathryn started having disagreements with her parents and phoned the Ranch to have someone pick her up and she went back with the Family. The next day the Ranch got raided and Kathryn was arrested along with the others.
Later on that summer Kathryn moved to Barker's Ranch with the Family. While staying in the dessert Susan Atkins confided in her and told her about the Gary Hinman murder that Bobby was involved with.
Kathryn once again fled from the family this time with another short time Manson Girl, Stephanie Schram. On the way they flagged down a police car for protection while escaping. Kathryn told the police about her conversation with Susan Atkins and implicated her for murder.
During the Tate/LaBianca trial Kathryn returned and left the Family numerous times. Kathryn later married in 1973 and her whereabouts are unknown.


  1. wow great work!
    are you planning to finish it?

  2. she is hiding in the philippines, and i knew where she is....

  3. She is in the Valley in Ca teaching in Northridge.

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  5. Kathryn Lutesinger has gone by the name of Kathryn DeSensi since the '70's. She teaches middle school science in Los Angeles county.

    1. She was married to Billy Goucher's brother, Veldon, in 1973 for a while. Katheryn Lutesinger always had a supportive family, therefore, didn't fit in with The Family. Always had a fairly easy life due to her exceptional looks which ingratiated her in with the best-looking social crowds. Never had any problems except that "X" which has been removed long ago. Her only association with the Family was Bobby and Manson never liked Katheryn because she was always pulling Bobby away from the Family. Bobby couldn't seem to separate entirely from them due to the fact so many of the women liked him. Katheryn had a son from Bobby.