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Kathryn Lutesinger

Also know as "Kitty" Kathryn was brough into the Manson Family by her boyfriend Bobby Beausoleil and at this time she was pregnant with Bobby's child. Charlie took a disliking to Kathryn and once elbowed her in the face for falling asleep during one of his many nightly ramblings. Kathryn finally got tired of Charlie's threats and abuse and fled from the family. Kathryn returned to live with her parents. While she was gone Bobby got arrested for the Gary Hinman murder. Kathryn constantly called Spahn Ranch looking for Bobby but nobody would tell her what happened to him. Kathryn started having disagreements with her parents and phoned the Ranch to have someone pick her up and she went back with the Family. The next day the Ranch got raided and Kathryn was arrested along with the others.
Later on that summer Kathryn moved to Barker's Ranch with the Family. While staying in the dessert Susan Atkins confided in her and told her about the Gary Hinman murder that Bobby was involved with.
Kathryn once again fled from the family this time with another short time Manson Girl, Stephanie Schram. On the way they flagged down a police car for protection while escaping. Kathryn told the police about her conversation with Susan Atkins and implicated her for murder.
During the Tate/LaBianca trial Kathryn returned and left the Family numerous times. Kathryn later married in 1973 and her whereabouts are unknown.

Catherine Share

Also known as "Gypsy" Catherine was born in Paris, France in 1942. Her parents were part of an anti-nazi movement during World War II. She was sent to an orphanage after her parents killed themselves in an act of defiance against the nazi regime. At the age of eight she was adopted by an American couple.

For the following years Catherine's life was pretty normal until her adopted mother killed herself and left Catherine to care for her adopted blind father. After graduating from Hollywoo High School, she went to College, got married and shortly after go a divorce. Catherine was an excellent musician, she sang and played the violin. She spent the next few years drifting around California occasionally scoring acting roles.

On the set of Ramrodder Catherine met a young musician named Bobby Beausoleil. She lived and travelled with Bobby for a few months eventually meeting Charles Manson. Catherine became the oldest female member of the Manson Family and fell deeply in love with Charlie. She recruited new girls into the Family such as Leslie Van Houton and Linda Kasabian.

During the Tate/Labianca trials Catherine testified that it was Linda Kasabian's idea to committ the murders. She stated the murders were to look like copy cat murders of the Gary Hinman killing to get Bobby Beausoleil free from prison.

Catherine was also one of the girls involved in the shootout with the LAPD. She had fired the first shot, and by the end of the shootout she had been wounded. For this she served five years in prison.

Later down the road she got involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and fell in love with their member Kenneth Como but stopped seeing him as Charlie told her to not see him anymore. Kenneth eventually convinced Catherine to forget about Charlie and the two got married but eventually divorced.

She later became a born again Christian and got married again. Apparently she now lives a clean life and has just finished writing a book about her time with the Manson Family.

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Ruth Ann Moorehouse

Also known as "Ouisch" Ruth Ann was born in Toronto Canada in 1951. She was one of the youngest Manson Girls and was considered by many to be the most beautiful of the girls. She met Charlie after her father, Dean Moorehouse (a former minister) picked up Charlie hitchhiking. Dean later invited Charlie over for dinner and that is where Charlie met Ruth Ann . He later took her on the black bus with him and the girls and later took her virginity. Dean was outraged and tracked down Manson at Beach Boy's band member Dennis Wilson's house. Charlie calmed Dean down and gave him a tab of LSD and then Dean stayed at the house for a few weeks. Ruth Ann later married a bus driver so she would be alowd to go join the Manson Family. She participated in group orgies and drug use and often took care of the Family children.

Ruth Ann got arrested during the Spahn Ranch and Barker Ranch raids. After being released from jail Ruth Ann went back and briefly lived with her mother. She went back with the Family during the Tate/LaBianca Trial and became a regular on the corner by the Court House. Ruth Ann remained loyal to the Family and during questioning she maintained that she knew nothing about the murders.

In 1970 she was involved in a plot to kept Barbara Hoyt from testifying against the Family. She asked Barbara to go on a trip to Hawaii with her in place of testifying in which Barbara willingly accepted. While in Hawaii Ruth Ann told Barbara she had to fly back to LA but that Barbara should stay in Hawaii. While at the airport Ruth Ann convinced Barbara to get something to eat. She then proceeded to lace Barbara's hamburger with 10 tabs of LSD. When this kicked in Barbara freaked out and was found by a social worker lying collasped on the ground and was rushed to hospital. Barbara survived this incident and authorities later tried to charge Ruth Ann with attempted murder but Ruth Ann was never charged.

With the help of her mother and sister Ruth Ann later moved on with her life. She supposedly had plastic surgery to remove the X she carved in her forehead during the Tate/LaBianca Trial. She is said to be living with her husband and children somewhere in the Midwest.

Mary Brunner

Mary was the first member of the Manson Family. She moved to California and got a job as a librarian at UC Berkeley. She met Charlie while walking her poodle and they soon became close friends. Charlie eventually moved into her apartment and they started sleeping together after several weeks. She later quit her job, packed up and started a journey with Charlie in his Volkswagon Van as they drifted around California together meeting other young women.
In 1967 Mary became pregnent for Charlie and later gave birth to thier son who they named Valentine Michael nicknamed "Pooh Bear" at the spiral staircase house in Topanga Canyon. Charlie delivered Pooh Bear himself and bit the umbillical cord free.
In 1968 Mary witnessed Bobby Beausoleil stab Gary Hinman, she and Susan Atkins took turns smothering Hinman's face as he lay dying. Mary was later implicated in the murder but was granted immunity for states evidence.
Mary became a regular on the corner by the Court House holding daily vigils for Charlie, Susan, Patricia and Leslie.
In 1971 along with five other Family members Mary was involved in an armed robbery which ended up in a shoot out between them and the police. The group had stolen close to 150 guns and planned on hijacking a 747 jet in which they would kill one passenger every hour until Manson and company were released from jail. For this crime she served six years in jail while Pooh Bear went to live with her parents. Mary has since renounced Manson, changed her name and is said to be living in the Midwest.

Cathy Gillies

Also known as "Cappy" Cathy was born in the 1950's in Southern California. She was reportedly a Buffalo Springfield Groupie before joining the Family sometime in 1968.

Charlie had his mind set on making a home out in the dessert for his family. Cathy informed him that her grandmother, Arlene Barker, owned a ranch in Death Valley. Cathy later got permission from her grandmother for her and a few girlfriends of hers to stay at the Ranch. Little did her grandmother know how large the group staying there would be. It is said that Cathy and other family members had a plan to kill Arlene Barker so Cathy would inherit the Ranch and the Family could permanently live there. As they were on route to kill Ms. Barker they got a flat tire and had to abort the plan.
Cathy was arrested in both the Spahn Ranch and Barker Ranch raids.
Cathy was reported as present when "Zero" supposedly killed himself during a game of russian roulet.
During the Tate/LaBianca trials Cathy was a regular on the corner supporting Charlie and the others. During sentencing she testified that the murders were copycat killings committed in an attempt to get Bobby Beausoleil out of jail. She went on to say that Charlie had nothing to do with the murders and that she wanted to go with the killers on both nights but she was told she wasn't needed.
After the trials Cathy drifted apart from the Family and became a member of a motorcycle gang. She later married and got divorced and currently lives in Death Valley with her four children.

Nancy Pitman

Also known as "Brenda" Nancy grew up with a wealthy family in Malibu. She and her brother often enjoyed surfing. While surfing at the age of 16 she met some older girls who lived in a commune with a older man who the girls spoke so well of that Nancy convinced the girls to introduce her to him. This man of course was Charles Manson. She immediately took a liking to him and ran away from home to join him and his Family.
Nancy became one of Charlie's most loyal followers. It is believed that she knew about the Tate murders and even went back to the scene with Charlie to inspect the crime scene.
Nancy was arrested with the rest of the Family during the Barker Ranch raid and upon questioning remained loyal to the Family and maintained that she knew nothing about the murders. Upon her release from jail she and other Manson Girls would have daily vigils set up down by the Court House to support Charlie, Patricia, Susan and Leslie.
Following the Tate/LaBianca trials Nancy lived with Sandy Good and Squeaky for a short period of time. Later, she drifted in with the Aryan Brotherhood and moved in a house with several members. Two housemates, James and Lauren Willett, were murdered by other members who lived there. Nancy was convicted of being an accessory after the fact to Lauren Willett's murder. She spent 18 months in prison and married one of the conspirators. They later divorced and she moved to the Pacific Northwest with her children and changed her name. She renounced Charlie and keeps a low profile, keeping her children from any fallout from her past.

Diane Lake

Also known as "Snake" Diane was one of the youngest members of the Manson Family. She was born in the 1950's and lived most of her childhood at the Wavy Gravy Hog Farm Commune with her hippie parents. At the young age of 13 she had experimented with drugs and particpated in group orgies. When she was 14 she met Charlie and members of the Family at a house in Topanga Canyon and her parents gave her a note to carry around in her pocket which confirmed their approval to join and live with the Manson Family.

Diane was the subject of many beatings by Charlie, he would explain that it was his way of being her father figure. One of the Family members said they once witnessed Charlie whipping Diane with an electrical cord and punching her in the back.

She was close friends with Paul Watkins who said in interviews that Diane was his favourite of the girls and the most beautiful with her auburn hair and green eyes. He mentions her numerious times in his book "My Life with Charles Manson".

It has been said that Diane got the nickname "Snake" because of the movements she makes with her hips during sex but she has denied this and said she got her nickname after telling a story to Mary Brunner of relating with a snake slitthering around on hot day keeping cool.

During her time with the Family Diane participated in group sex, drug use and listening to Charlie's daily ramblings.

Diane tesitfied against Tex Watkins, Patricia Krenwickle and Leslie Van Houton disclosing what she knew about them participating in the Tate/LaBianca murders.

At the age of 16 Diane suffered from LSD flashbacks and was sent to Patton State Hospital to undergo treatment for Schizoprenia. She was released after six months and went to live with Jack Gardiner and his wife who had become her foster parents. With professional help and fostering of her new parents she graduated from high school and college and is said to be living a normal and happy life as a wife and mother.

Susan Atkins

Also known as "Sadie Mae Glutz", Susan was a loyal follower of Charles Manson. She is serving life in prison for her participation in the Tate/LaBianca murders (even though she never participated in the LaBianca murders she was still tried for the crime). Susan was the fourth girl to join Charlie's family. She often made Charlie angry for being stubborn and bringing unknown men around. She is often described as being Promiscuous.
Susan grew up in California in a middle class family. She says both of her parents were alchoholics and her mother died of cancer in 1963. Things started getting hard living with her father and brothers thereafter and she quit school and left home at the age of 18 and went to San Francisco. She then supported herself as a topless dancer and eventually met The Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey and she was hired by him for a stage production as a vampire.
Susan met Charlie in 1967 at a house where she lived with friends as he was playing music she said he reminded her of an angel. Charlie invited her to join his group on the school bus they had painted black for a summer road trip and she accepted with joy. Susan claimed to believe she thought Charlie was Jesus. They later settled at the Spahn Ranch.
In October 1968 she gave birth to a boy and named him Zezozecee Zadfrack. Motherhood did not interfere with her doing drugs and having orgies with the other family members.
In 1969 after the raid at Barker Ranch in Death Valley Susan was arrested. It was in jail that she bragged to cell mates about the family's involvement in the Tate/LaBianca murders. The information was turned over to the police and Susan was then charged with murder.
While testifying before a Grand Jury she revealed how she held down Sharon Tate as she pleaded for her and her baby's life. She recounted how she told Sharon "Look, bitch, I don't care a thing about you. You are going to die and there is nothing you can do about it." Susan said that after they killed Sharon she went back in the house and wrote "Pig" on the wall with Sharon's blood and tasted the blood and said "it was better than an orgasm".
For the first several years behind bars she stayed loyal to Charles Manson but was given the cold shoulder by other family members for being a snitch. She later turned her life around and gave her life to Christ. She is now a born again Christian. In 1977 her and author Bob Slosser wrote her autobiography titled "Child of Satan, Child of God".
Susan Atkins is currently terminally ill in hospital with cancer.