Thursday, January 22, 2009

Catherine Share

Also known as "Gypsy" Catherine was born in Paris, France in 1942. Her parents were part of an anti-nazi movement during World War II. She was sent to an orphanage after her parents killed themselves in an act of defiance against the nazi regime. At the age of eight she was adopted by an American couple.

For the following years Catherine's life was pretty normal until her adopted mother killed herself and left Catherine to care for her adopted blind father. After graduating from Hollywoo High School, she went to College, got married and shortly after go a divorce. Catherine was an excellent musician, she sang and played the violin. She spent the next few years drifting around California occasionally scoring acting roles.

On the set of Ramrodder Catherine met a young musician named Bobby Beausoleil. She lived and travelled with Bobby for a few months eventually meeting Charles Manson. Catherine became the oldest female member of the Manson Family and fell deeply in love with Charlie. She recruited new girls into the Family such as Leslie Van Houton and Linda Kasabian.

During the Tate/Labianca trials Catherine testified that it was Linda Kasabian's idea to committ the murders. She stated the murders were to look like copy cat murders of the Gary Hinman killing to get Bobby Beausoleil free from prison.

Catherine was also one of the girls involved in the shootout with the LAPD. She had fired the first shot, and by the end of the shootout she had been wounded. For this she served five years in prison.

Later down the road she got involved with the Aryan Brotherhood and fell in love with their member Kenneth Como but stopped seeing him as Charlie told her to not see him anymore. Kenneth eventually convinced Catherine to forget about Charlie and the two got married but eventually divorced.

She later became a born again Christian and got married again. Apparently she now lives a clean life and has just finished writing a book about her time with the Manson Family.


  1. Where would you like to see Marilyn go at death's hour? He sez Hell's one, big party for eternity (far from it - fulla filth, darkness, despair), conforming youth into thinking Satan's their friend (far from it - Satan uses the angst-filled-kids to spread his hatred), diss'n Jesus our Saviour, and having sex with homos; actually, Marilyn's just a sinfull mortal who has yet to grow-up --- If you're not with Jesus, you're against Jesus. Up or down. Only 2 realms after our demise... and 1 of 'em ain't too cool. Ain't no in between, brudda. Turn or burn. God bless you. Hope to see you in Heaven, yet, that only can be decided by one person. YOU.

    1. phony gospel is the contradictive one
      oh you might want to look at the so called virgin mary's past

  2. All I can say to you is... 'indifference is a disease'. God bless you.

  3. she released a 45 under charity shane .. i didnt see that mentioned

  4. She also had the hairiest armpits and pubic bush of all the Manson girls, total jungles. Even hairier than Patricia Krenwinkle. She would've been the first one I would have fucked the shit out of.

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